Winter Warm-up

Don’t use the ‘winter blues’ as an excuse to stop moving….Erin Yarwood shares her top tips to keep you moving through to Spring

by @erinyarwood on Tuesday, 30 Jun,2015

It may have seemed as though summer was never going to leave us… but finally (alas) the chilly nights, shorter days and the dark early mornings have hit us! And let’s be honest… it ain’t easy!

Too many people are quick to ditch their runners for ugg boots, water bottle for a hot chocolate and their enthusiasm for laziness when winter approaches. Yet what we all know deep down inside is that this is the ideal time of the year to start moving, keep moving or just simply get moving to beat the winter chill!

Not only will you continue to reap the benefits and achieve the gains you’re aiming for in your current training regime during the winter months (if you continue!) but you’ll also be one step ahead when the sun starts showing its face again come September!

Here are some simple tips I suggest for helping to beat the winter blues:

*On rising, drink a glass of warm water and lemon juice. It’s a great detoxifier and it ensures you get a nice gulp of water first thing to hydrate your body!
* Buy yourself a new winter fitness wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be expensive. But having some new gear always makes you feel good.
*Write out a daily program/ plan for you to follow, even dot points to tick off each day. This will help you stay motivated and focused.

*Moisturise! It is so important to moisturize your skin as the drying season approaches and it makes you feel 100% more confident about yourself.

Here are three simple (and warming!) exercises each day during the cooler months, along with other activities.
SQUAT JUMPS - complete 3 x 15 of these each day, and you’ll not only be helping to tone your legs and bum, but will also be working on your cardiovascular fitness. The perfect winter warmer!

Erin’s tip: make sure you keep your knees aligned, back straight and always land softly.

PLANK RUNS – excellent for core work, arm strength and picking up the heart rate. Aim for 3 x 1 minute intervals, 20 second rest.

Erin’s tip: ensure your lower back feels good, by adjusting the height of your hips and keep your belly button locked to ensure your core stays activated.

DEAD BUG – an awesome Pilates exercise to strengthen the core and work on coordination. You can vary the speed with these.

Erin’s tip: keep your spine in contact with the mat and lengthen from your fingers to your toes. If your back starts to arch, stretch your leg higher.

So there you have it… No excuses! Winter is here, and we must deal with the fact. And what better way then to keep on moving!!

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