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Cricks Maroochydore has a sexy new model from Japan.

by @JohnCaruso on Monday, 03 Jul, 2017

Honda Civic Hatch Vti-S

Now in its 10th generation the Honda Civic makes a striking first impression, engineered to redefine what a hot hatch can do.

The inspirational mood of the design struck a chord, exuding an athletic, sporty exterior with a little bit of sexiness thrown in for good measure.

Stepping inside, the seats made me feel comfortable and secure, and the leather bound steering wheel felt nice in my hands. There were plenty of cup and storage holders inside and the vanity mirrors on both sun visors are in my opinion, a necessity!

I liked the keyless ignition button and the hand brake is not a cumbersome lever that requires a lot of muscle to operate, but rather a simple push button. With one foot on the brake, a downward push will engage the hand brake and simply lifting the button up you disengage the brake.

The touch display screen is easily accessible for both driver and passenger with remote controls on the steering wheel so the driver’s hands don’t have to stray too far and pairing my phone via Bluetooth audio was a breeze.

One of the most concerning aspects of driving is changing lanes, however the all-round visibility from inside the new Honda Civic was excellent with Honda's lane-watching technology. A camera on the passenger side mirror that activates when you indicate left with the space to the left of the vehicle appearing on the centre display screen meaning you can change lanes with complete confidence.

As an interior designer, I rely on my car a lot and the ample boot space could easily take two occasional chairs.

Overall, the vehicle is stylish, roomy, and responsive!

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