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by @joleneogle on Sunday, 10 Dec,2017

It was during the loneliness and sadness of a divorce that Hannah Devers turned to creativity to bring happiness to her world and those around her.

“Post-divorce, I was not in a good space. Even with a focus on positivity, I was still not good so I started sewing for therapy,” she recalls. “At night, when you’re at your loneliest, I would get out the sewing machine and I would make something. At the end, I would feel so good.” Hannah now creates insulated holders for coffee cups, water bottles, wine bottles and lunch bags that are all appropriately called “hugs”. While Hannah insists she consciously practices positivity every day, it’s clear from her beaming smile and shining eyes that she is simply a good person inside. “I wake up every day excited to find out what happens now,” Hannah beams. “What is today going to bring? Positivity creates happiness and I hope my children learn that from me.” Mother to Johsi, 5 (pictured above); Alia, 9; and Taylor, 10, who was diagnosed with autism, Hannah says she experiences all the same challenges and self-doubt well-known to parents and especially those with a special needs child. “It has been tough and there are times when it is hard. It’s raw,” she says. “Taylor was diagnosed at 2 but didn’t speak until 4 and he would scream all day. But you know, he has a supportive team around him and now he’s highly verbal. “He’s an amazing kid. I would never be the mum I am today without that journey and although it’s hard, he brings so much joy. He brings a uniqueness to this world and it’s such a pleasure to be his mum.” Ever humble, Hannah might not notice the trail of sparkles and sunshine she leaves in her wake. Her dream was to create a business where she could channel her love and passion into something creative, but her biggest dream is to inspire her children to be the best humans they can be. “Positivity and gratitude work together. The more you’re grateful for, the more you can find positivity in life. I want my children to wake up and be excited about the world,” she says. “There’s a lot in this world that is hard, but hey, I’m here, I’m ok, I’m happy. What can we do today to make the world a better place?”

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