It’s an exciting time if you’re in the market for a new car with several new models just released – and available on the Sunshine Coast. Three of our IN Noosa readers took them for a spin.

by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 16 Sep, 2016

Renault Koleos ZEN 4x2d i

Craig Chadwick (father of two boys)

“Aesthetics wise it’s a very beautiful looking vehicle; a smart looking SUV with nice wheels and I like the solid white colour.

It’s finished off brilliantly inside with good interior lighting and a lot of cool storage space and it was a very quiet drive with not a lot of road noise at all.

The instrumentation was laid out nicely and not too overcomplicated, which can be the case with a lot of European vehicles however not with the Renault. I like the fact that the GPS is built into the dash and not sitting up on top of the dash and the big side mirrors are really important to me because I’m up and down the Bruce Highway and you’re relying on them a lot changing lanes.

This SUV has great all round visibility and a good ride height too with a very quiet engine that doesn’t appear to use much fuel.

With the seats down there’s loads of room for the boys and boot space that easily takes a couple of bikes, skateboards and helmets.

I took it up and down Hastings Street and the vehicle was generating a lot of comments from other motorists regarding the overall look and styling of the Renault Koleos.

Skoda Superb

Kim Williamson (Shopaholic)

I really love the vehicle, the interior leather trim and the feel of the steering wheel all made for a very comfortable ride. The functionality of the satellite navigation system was easy to use and that’s important to me because I rely on sat nav a lot!

Adjusting the driver’s seat was super easy with the seat moving electronically and I can see it would be a great family vehicle with loads of room for a pram and all the essential accessories and rear shade blinds on the passenger doors.

For me, the wagon had ample room to take all of my shopping bags and more!

Dual air conditioning and climate control, low profile tyres and reversing camera all added to the Skoda Superb experience, handling beautifully on all of the Noosa roundabouts and I was very impressed with its power, accelerating away very fast in my opinion, from a standing start.

I can see why this vehicle has a high conversion rate. When you drive it, you want one!

Suzuki Vitara Turbo

Peter Maruff (surfer)

When you get in it the first thing that strikes you is the layout of the dash. All the instrumentation is within easy reach and it’s all very functional. I love the sound system which allows Bluetooth audio and USB inputs so I’ve been playing some tracks off my USB stick which was very easy to do.

My board is a standard 6 foot Hypto Krypto and it just slides straight in the back with the seats folding down easily without the need to fiddle about with annoying head rests leaving plenty of room for a couple of boards and all of your gear.

As far as performance and driving the Suzuki goes? It’s a standard automatic however I love the paddles on each side of the steering wheel which means you can manually shift up and down; it’s like the Formula One cars and I really like that feature.

The steering feels light compared to the car I’m currently driving, it’s quite a contrast with a real light-touch to the steering on the Suzuki which ultimately makes it easy to park and handle.

On the freeway there’s plenty of grunt when you hit the accelerator and I love the black rims, it really complements and adds to the paintwork and overall look of the vehicle.

There’s nothing like driving a new car, that’s for sure.

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