The Art of Makeup

The art of makeup is not to look made up. Katrina Thorpe shares Ten Makeup Secrets you should know

by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 23 Jun, 2017

1. Bronze face / pale body is not a flattering combination. In fact, it draws attention that you bought the wrong shade of makeup. Choose a makeup tone that compliments your skin and as silly as it sounds, the best makeup looks like you aren’t wearing makeup. Always apply your makeup over the neck and down onto your chest particularly if you really want to wear a darker shade than your skin tone.

2. Blush should be a hint of contour not a rosy glow. A few decades ago someone said blush should be applied under the cheekbones; wrong, it should be applied lightly over the plump area of the cheeks to give a shading effect not a blob of colour. Keep the colour of your blush in tone with your skin so that it contours your face naturally.

3.Clumpy lashes and wearing your false lashes too long is never flattering. Want your lashes to look natural, thick and long, then, it’s ok to get some glued on but leave the style, amount and length to the experts if you want them to look real. Applying a lash conditioner to your natural lashes before applying mascara will help them feel and look thicker as well as improve their condition to grow longer.

4. Careful with concealers as some can make what you’re trying to conceal look more noticeable. They can make you look older. Concealer is usually used to cover the dark colouration or fine lines around eyes. Apply eye cream to hydrate and plump those fine lines first. Ask for professional help in colour matching your concealer as choosing a concealer one shade lighter with a reflective light effect, not shiny, will make your eye area look brighter.

5. Eye shadow always creases unless you apply a base of lid primer or powder to your eyelids first. Applying a light dusting of mineral powder over your eye area helps your eye shadow stay put, where liquid makeup will make it slide off.

6. You can’t make thin lips look thick. You should never add a lip line outside of your natural lip colour or use lip liner in the corners of your lips. Using darker shade lip colours makes lips look smaller but using a natural to medium shade lip colour and applying a little lip--‐gloss in the middle of your lower lip will give a fuller lip look. There are some great lip plumping lipsticks, gloss and balms available and they work well to give you a natural, plumper feel and look to your lips.

7. You need the right tools for the job, as with any form of art. Buying and wearing makeup is no different in that you need to apply it with the correct brushes. Quality brushes save you time and money as they prevent you from wasting makeup. Application is quicker and it’s easier to apply makeup with the right brushes.

8. Hide that pimple with a small dot of skin colour stick foundation, you can purchase a blemish stick in skin tones and they are great. Apply a small dot to the blemish and pat the spot gently to blend and then apply a mineral powder over the top. Don’t draw attention to a blemish by adding too much camouflage.

9. Harsh brow lines can add years to your face. Brows are not meant to look like a drawing above your eyes. You want people to look at your eyes not your brows. Use a brow powder or brow mascara to fill in your brow line as it gives a natural, softer look to frame the face and does not draw the wrong attention to the brows.

10. Long wear lipstick has come a long way from the days of lips stains and lipsticks that have your lips peeling and colour breaking down, to leave lips looking patchy and dry. The new improved long wear lip colour (such as LipSense) can last up to 18 hours, is nourishing and leaves your lips full of colour and hydrated. This product will stay on your lips and not on your glass. Bonus is, it is completely waterproof and kiss proof!

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