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With the rise in popularity and capability of cameras within mobile phones, stand-alone cameras need to offer something special to stay relevant and provide an extra edge for enthusiasts chasing the perfect shot. Tony Kay profiles the latest technology.

by @JohnCaruso on Wednesday, 08 Jun, 2016

There’s no question that on a per capita basis, mobile devices have a high penetration rate in Australia with almost 13 million sold last year alone. However, when it comes to video and picture quality however you’re never going to achieve the same results when compared to the new exciting range of Panasonic cameras.

There’s eye-popping detail available with the ability to record video in 4K! That’s four times the resolution of High Definition (HD).

Panasonic has developed three different modes that can help lift your photographic game from amateur to professional with its new range of compacts to compact pro interchangeable lens cameras.

Isolating and saving individual high resolution frames to the camera is easy when you’re working in 4K mode because you’re capturing 30 frames per second which no SLR is capable of doing, so there’s very little loss of resolution when enlarging your 4K work.

One frame on 4K video is 8 megapixels so turning that into a beautiful high resolution 12 x 18” print is easy and it’s something you just can’t do from a camera from a mobile device.

The pre-burst mode is another unique setting which literally has the ability to turn back time.

Imagine you’re a keen ornithologist, like James Bond, and you’re chasing the perfect wildlife image - a bird’s graceful lift-off from a lake - by the time your eyes and brain have time to process what’s happening and your finger’s pressed the shutter, the bird is airborne and you’ve missed a portion of the action.

With Panasonic’s pre-burst mode, the camera pre-thinks the process for you, shooting 30 frames before you hit the shutter button, ensuring you don’t miss a second of the action. This is perfect for storm chasers too.

The third feature that will help transform your photographic work is the post-focus mode which allows you to make adjustments to out of focus photos that you’re already taken.

By working off the touchscreen you can simply refocus the subject or flip between foreground and background and adjust the focus as required.

Panasonic’s top-end compact, through to the top-end GH4 model, are all very affordable and fantastic for travelling.

The new top-end compact camera, the TZ80 has 30 times zoom and a built in electronic view finder which unlike an LED screen isn’t a challenge to see in bright sunlight.

If you’re happy to stick with your mobile device, simply because of its portability and you’re someone who loves taking photos and sharing those images on your favourite social media platform then you’ll enjoy discovering the range of accessories for mobile and smart devices that can enhance the quality of the pictures that you take.

You may have discovered that the camera on your phone is good in the right conditions however not so great with wide angled shots or white balance and low light. Camera House Noosa has a range of accessories such as snap-on lenses, LED lights and gimbals that can make a smart phone a lot more useable and improve the quality of photos that you take.

We recommend all of our customers who purchase a camera through us to have a play with their equipment for a few weeks before coming in for a one-on-one training session.

Plus, if you’re like me then you probably don’t read the owner’s manual from front to back because you’re too excited by the prospect of playing with your new toy!

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