Spring sensations - Garlic!

Matt Golinski shares his favourite foods that herald the new season

by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 16 Sep, 2016

One ingredient I refuse to skimp on is good quality Australian garlic. I’m forever preaching to anyone who’ll listen to throw out their pre-crushed, jarred garlic, as I consider it to be a crime against food. Likewise I can’t bear to use the bleached white Chinese garlic which features in every supermarkets veg section. I’d rather pay five times the price for garlic that has beautiful flavour and still contains all of its incredibly powerful health giving properties. When spring hits, you’ll see vibrant bunches of purple garlic hitting the shelves at farmers markets, along with its cousin, the large Russian or elephant garlic, which incidentally is a type of leek rather than true garlic. I love roasting the cloves whole in their skins and squeezing them out onto grilled sourdough bread.

Garlic goes with:

- meat

- fish

- chicken

- vegetables

- curd cheeses

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