Spring Sensations

Matt Golinski shares his favourite foods that herald the new season.

by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 16 Sep, 2016

The queen of the citrus world, ruby grapefruit are much sweeter than the standard yellow variety, so they are often juiced as a breakfast drink or used in cocktails, taking advantage of their lovely bright pink hue and balance of sugar and acidity. They make delicious sorbets and granitas, add flair to citrus-based desserts and complement seafood and other savoury dishes perfectly. One of my all time favourite salads is ruby grapefruit segments tossed with prawns, avocado, shaved fennel and rocket, dressed with good quality vinegar and olive oil.

Ruby Grapefruit goes with:

- crab and prawns

- yoghurt

- avocado

- fennel

- chicken

- spirits/liqueurs

- ice cream

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