Spring Sensations

Matt Golinski shares his favourite foods that herald the new season.

by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 16 Sep, 2016

I grew up snacking on these sweet-sour, bright yellow berries, breaking them out of their paper lantern skins and gorging myself on them like they were lollies. And that’s how I still prefer to enjoy them, fresh from the bush and without tampering with them in any way. But they do also make great puddings and jellies, their slight acidity creating a good contrast to sweet bases. The season is short, and you’ll rarely see them in the supermarket, they tend to be something you’ll see at the farmers market. The plants themselves are easy to find in nurseries these days, and I always have one or two growing in my garden so I can relive my childhood each spring.

Cape Gooseberries go with:

- cream

- sugar and honey

- spices

- pastry

- puddings

- ice cream

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