Spanish Mackerel Ceviche with Ruby Grapefruit, Radish and Verjus

Matt Golinski shares another spring favourite recipe.

by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 16 Sep, 2016

Serves 4


400gm Spanish mackerel fillets, skin removed and sliced thinly across the grain

1 golden shallot, finely sliced

1 ruby grapefruit, segmented, excess juice reserved

4 red radishes, washed and finely sliced into rounds

½ cup mixed fresh herbs

80ml verjus

30ml red wine vinegar

2 tsp castor sugar

½ tsp sea salt

50ml extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper


Whisk together the verjus, vinegar, sugar, salt and the grapefruit juice until the sugar and salt are dissolved. Add the sliced shallot and leave to stand for five minutes.

Five minutes before serving, add the mackerel to the verjus mixture and gently mix it through. Allow to “cook” in the liquid for a few minutes, then drain.

Lay the slices of mackerel flat on a serving platter, and add the rounds of radish, grapefruit segments and herbs. Drizzle with a little of the verjus mixture and the olive oil, and season with salt and cracked black pepper.

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