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by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 23 Jun, 2017

Alec Baldwin – Nevertheless

Alec Baldwin loves movies, especially old classics, and he writes fondly of late nights spent with his dad watching films likeHow Green Was My Valley, Five Graves to Cairo and Passage to Marseille.

Baldwin’s journey from Massapequa, Long Island to Hollywood where his name has consistently been linked to some of the biggest films of all time is warmly and honestly told in this autobiography. Although he’s never thought of himself as a leading man. His career has encompassed film, television, the theatre and even radio where his Hollywood contact book has played a pivotal role when planning guests for his WNYC podcast,Here’s The Thing.

From his appearance in The Hunt for Red October through to his portrayal of NBC head honcho Jack Donaghy in30 Rock, Baldwin effortlessly leads the reader on a journey of highs and lows, including his marriage to Kim Basinger and his controversial relationship with their daughter Ireland.

Baldwin pulls no punches, writing with fierce frankness, and laying bare the often-explicable machinations, deep within the industry.

“I have neither the time nor the talent to write a book,” Baldwin reflects “Nevertheless, I wrote this book in my own words and, such as it is, I offer it to you to entertain, to motivate, inspire and to learn.”

Nevertheless, is a journey where Baldwin endeavours to learn more about himself by committing his thoughts to paper in this charming, uncompromising tale

John Caruso

Dawn O’Porter, The Cows

The quote from one of my favourite comedians Kristen Wiig initially piqued my interest about this book when she said it was “Funny and excruciating. You’ll think about it for weeks!”.

And so it was, and I did.

At times it was more excruciating than funny but therein lies its charm. Centring around the danger and influence of social media and living in the digital age and covering everything from masturbation, sex, orgasms, periods, pregnancy, abortion, cancer and death; The Cows is about three women who are definitely not following the herd.

The writing is fearless, frank and funny with the ins and outs of the challenges of modern life excellently weaved together, and with a fair dash of black humour. The main characters (Tara, Cam and Stella) boldly tackle the strangest of situations unapologetically and with almost unbelievable aplomb.

With the women all working in creative industries, including one who is a blogger, the writing is more casual and includes blog posts, emails, text messages and tweets that is reflective of modern life and makes it easier to digest.

While the women are strangers, their lives are cleverly drawn together as one woman’s action becomes an all-consuming focus about acceptance, choice, decisions, feminism and self-love.

This book is funny and does give you something to think about. It is at times shocking, insightful and political yet presented in a way that is also heartwarming, hilarious and reminiscent of the boundary-pushing that definedSex in the City.

  • -Deb Caruso

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