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by @joleneogle on Sunday, 17 Dec,2017

Inspired by the ocean, surfing and nature, Elena Grib seems like the perfect fit for a festival that focuses on these elements and for an area that is globally recognised as a key surfing destination.

Known artistically as Oh Ocean, Elena is a former architect and first took to the waves only a few years ago while holidaying in Sri Lanka, but from the cool coastal vibes of her work, it’s clear salt water runs in her veins.

She recalls an instant connection to nature with a feeling of purity and wanted to express that through her creativity. Now, this surfer girl and illustrator has been chosen to create the new artwork that will feature throughout the Festival’s marketing campaign and at the event.

“By using light and playful colours, I often portray nature and surf life around it,” she says. “I’ve always been trying to open people’s hearts by illustrating ocean and surfing, the beauty of simple things, a harmonious and calm atmosphere and everybody’s unique soul.”

Noosa Festival of Surfing director Sam Smith says Elena’s surf themed works really resonated with the selection panel.

“Each year the Festival attracts many submissions from artists from around the globe but Elena’s work resonated with our event,” Sam reveals. “It has a Noosa vibe, it’s playful and very relaxed.”

Elena created a special piece for the Festival to capture the event’s return to their roots to focus on what started this great festival more than 25-years-ago.

“One particular image that Elena created especially for the Festival is the Toes to the Nose which is very fitting with the 2018 event as we are re-connecting with our roots as an old school longboarding event,” she said. “We are very lucky to be able to work with such talented artists.”

Our front cover features Sharing is Caring and we thank Elena for sharing her work to INspire our readers.

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