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As part of its Culinary Collective, Tourism Noosa arranged for local chefs to get out of the kitchen and into the countryside to meet some local producers. Deb Caruso went along for the ride.

by @EditorialInNoosaMagazine on Friday, 11 Dec, 2015

Tourism Noosa’s Noosa Culinary Collective saw some of the area’s up-and-coming chefs from key restaurants down the tongs and take up the role of food tourist as they toured, trekked and tasted what’s growing in their own backyards.

First stop: George Francisco from Voodoo Bacon at Belmondos introduced the chefs to his nitrate and chemical free award-winning product.

Next onto Hinterland Feijoas where Sally Hookey educated and enlightened a captive audience on what a Feijoa is and shared some exciting ideas on how to incorporate the South-American tropical fruit into salads, desserts and even savoury dishes.

Amongst the bamboo groves, the chefs were able to identify and sample the bamboo shoots from Big Heart Bamboo.

The last stop was the stunning Falls Farm in Maleny – a market garden that had the chefs drooling over the range and diversity of small and specialised crops. Peter took the chefs for a tour around some of the gardens whilst Christine had the nerve-wracking job of cooking for the chefs. The verdict – delicious! She then completed the tour, showing chefs the substantial market garden and discussing the need for chefs and producers to work closer together.

It was a great day with the chefs saying how great it was to take time out to meet local producers and look for inspiration just around the corner.

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