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An affordable, yet luxurious offering from the Czech Republic for the larger family.

by @JohnCaruso on Monday, 03 Jul, 2017

Gary & Libby Swanepoel (family of six)

Skoda Kodiaq TS 132 with Launch Pack

Skoda, the simply clever Kodiaq, I believe they’re right!

Both Gary and I drove the Skoda Kodiaq and our first conversation centred around the clever design features that popped out to surprise us! For example, your parade will never get rained on with an umbrella cleverly concealed in both the driver and passenger door. The spring-loaded door edge can save you a lot of headaches, especially when you’re dealing with four kids in a garage or parking lot. Damage to your wall or someone else’s vehicle is inevitable with a tribe as big as ours.

The Skoda’s rear hatch opens and closes remotely and the interior light in the boot detaches to become a flash-light, which comes in handy and saves you rummaging about in the dark searching for lost Lego pieces

Gary was a big fan of the well thought out extras, especially the high-resolution reversing camera and the 360-degree bird’s eye view of the car. These features are great once you’ve parked the vehicle, allowing you to easily check if your bottom is hanging out over the white line.

The Kodiaq offered a smooth ride with plenty of power as we drove it along Lake Weyba and the 4x4 capabilities meant that the vehicle handled very well on the uneven terrain.

Gary mentioned a couple of times that from the outside the Skoda Kodiaq doesn't look too big, however once you’re in it, it felt big and spacious, like Dr Who’s Tardis!

The clever attention to detail like the smart device holders left a positive impression. Behind the two front seat headrests, the Kodiaq includes cradles for phones and tablets to keep the kids occupied during those long road trips.

Understated, yet more than you would expect, best describes our Skoda experience. Affordable, luxurious, it comes with clever extra touches that make it a pleasure to drive.

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