Noosa talent fills The United Nations

When Xavier Rudd decided to take an exciting new direction to his music, it came as no surprise to those in-the-know that three of his band members are regular performers in Noosa.

on Monday, 30 Mar,2015

Featuring guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keys, horns, flute, saxophone and backing vocals, Xavier Rudd & The United Nations bands together musicians from all corners of the globe representing the diverse cultures of Australia, Indigenous Australia, South Africa, Samoa, Germany and Papua New Guinea.

The Noosa favourites that pop up include Peter Hunt (of Afro-reggae outfit Kooii), Uke-toting drummer Bobby Alu (formerly of OKA) and Chris Lane (also formerly of OKA) - and their sonic fingerprints are all over it.

Peter regularly makes the pilgrimage to Noosa from his home in Brisbane and considers the magical places in Noosa and the Hinterland as some of his favourite places to play and perform. Whether there’s the rare chance to catch a Kooii or Ruby Blue show in the area, or perhaps a private vocal workshop at a special spot like the beautiful House With No Walls, Peter’s vocals, trumpet and delicate guitar work is a joy to hear.

Bobby Alu, the percussive backbone of the Oka Collective for many years, remains a regular on the coast with his band of Island Vibers, and will be back in Noosa for a show later in the year. He and fellow Oka collaborator Chris Lane, who adds ethereal woodwind and pipes to The United Nations, are shining examples of hard-working, dedicated original artists. This area should certainly be proud to see artists such as these doing non-stop tours of North America and Europe, and in the process, fulfilling an important ambassadorial role, shining the light of the Sunshine Coast the world over.

Nanna from Xavier Rudd & The United Nations is being released worldwide at the end of March. For a taste of the music, visit

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