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by @joleneogle on Sunday, 17 Dec,2017

Josh Minogue would never admit it, but the local has accomplished some impressive things on the Ironman circuit, being described as the Coast’s highest profile competitor in past races. But in 2014, an illness stalled his competitive career launching him onto a different career path in journalism.

Many might recognise Josh’s face from the local WIN News bulletins where he delivered the latest sports news every weeknight. Now, the Ironman is finally back on the beach as head coach at Sunshine Beach Surf Club sharing his passion with the next generation of competitors.

“The great thing about Sunshine Beach Surf Club is that it has that community feel.

It’s mostly run by volunteers,” he says. “The volunteers here, their kids are involved and their grandkids are involved. That’s what made me realise I’d made the right decision by joining the team and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Josh says he loves the kids’ enthusiasm and enjoys working with a wide range of people from 10-year-olds to the master and seniors, helping them improve their water skills and train as the next generation of life savers.

“The young kids are good fun and we cover mostly surf skills and how to negotiate the ocean. The racing and competitive side springs off that and that’s the part I love,” he says.

“Watching the kids learn and grow is really fulfilling. It’s exciting and a good opportunity here with a good bunch of people.”

Josh’s love affair with Ironman competitions started when he was a young boy living in a coastal town in NSW.

“There were three of the best Ironman in the world there (at his local surf club); Darren and Dean Mercer and Reece Drury." he said. "They were within the top five competitors in the world and I was just a 7-year-old kid running around the club.

All I wanted to be was one of those guys. I wanted to be at the beach every day. It seemed like the best job in the world. Josh moved to Mooloolaba to “have a crack at it” and competed in the Ironman Series for over a decade before “sliding off quietly” into his new role as head coach.

“I haven’t competed for three years now, but I’m still involved in the sport and I love it,” he says. “Everything I do is based around the surf and the ocean. I’m so lucky to live out my dream and come to the beach every day. I love that I can help the kids up here and hopefully provide a pathway if they want to do this and chase their dreams.

“More importantly, I want to help them have the same upbringing I did where you’re healthy, you’re at the beach every day and you’re surrounded by a good community feel.”


To help keep swimmers safe, Life Guards and Life Savers patrol three of Noosa’s most popular beaches: Noosa Main Beach, Peregian Beach and Sunshine Beach.
Throughout the patrolling season (September to May), these three beaches are patrolled 7 days a week.
Throughout the winter months (off-season), they are patrolled on weekends only and on public holidays from 7am to 5pm (6pm in the lead-up to Christmas).
You can contact your local Surf Life Saving Club  for more patrol information.

Noosa Main Beach

Hastings Street, Noosa Heads
Phone: 5448 0900

Peregian Beach

Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach
Phone: 5448 0900

Sunshine Beach

Duke Street, Sunshine Beach
Phone 5447 5491


  • Always swim between the red and yellow flags
  • Always read the safety signs
  • Ask a lifeguard for safety advice
  • Swim with a friend
  • If you need help, stay calm and attract attention

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