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IN Noosa Magazine’s intimate winter wine lunch by the stunning Noosa River on a clear winter’s day showcased how Squires Loft have established a reputation around the world as “the steak specialists” for the past twenty years. The full and flavoursome food was expertly matched with Shiraz in all its permutations by Laine Kerrison from Naked Bunch Wines.

by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 16 Sep, 2016

A stunning 2010 sparkling “Allegro” Syrah Rose from Victoria’s biodynamic Castagna vineyard tickled the tastebuds and provided the perfect introduction to the surprising Shiraz showcase. Expertly paired with a cold meat platter featuring the best local and South African delicacies acknowledging Squires Loft’s South African origin, the scene was set for a meaty meander full of flavoursome surprises.

Entrée was a teasing taster of some of the more popular items from the menu including Squire’s Loft famous pork ribs, Boerewors sausage and chargrilled prawns that proved that these guys know how to operate a grill! The accompanying garlic feta mushrooms were a taste sensation - as was the Castagna Syrah Rose – this time a 2014 drop that was both delicious and serious.

The carnivore’s carnival continued with the star of the feast was the signature eye fillet – a premium Cape Grim cut expertly cooked on the grill to each guest’s individual liking and basted with Squire’s Loft special proprietary sauce. The pouring of Tommy Ruff’s “Romanee Tuff” Syrah 2014 from magnums added extra theatre and a ‘rock star’ element to the event.

The last word was left to Tommy Ruff’s “Poolside” 2016 Syrah which was as surprising as it was drinkable – from its light pink blush to the flavour sensations that were expertly accentuated with the chees platter accompaniment.

As Laine said: “These are all exceptional wines and a fun topic of conversation to involve guests in - and pouring from a magnum is very rock star!”


Cold meat platter featuring South African delicacies and hot Salami from the Noosa Farmers’ Market

Castagna “Allegro” Sparkling Syrah Rose 2010


Mixed platter featuring Squire’s Loft famous pork ribs; Boerewors sausage; chargrilled prawns and garlic feta mushrooms

Castagna “Allegro” Syrah Rose 2014


200gm Eye Fillet basted with Squire’s Loft special sauce; baked potato and mushroom sauce

“Romanee Tuff” by Tommy Ruff Syrah 2014 (poured from magnums!!)


Cheese platter featuring camembert, vintage cheddar and blue with dried fruit, quince paste and crackers

“Poolside” by Tommy Ruff Syrah 2016

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