It takes two, baby!

Fresh from welcoming her new bundle of joy into the world, fitness guru Erin Yarwood shares her top tips for getting in shape with bub in tow.

by @joleneogle on Friday, 11 Dec, 2015

Exercising is extremely important and beneficial for anyone and everyone of all walks of life. Whether you consider yourself young or old. Tall or short. Thin or a little on the chubby side, we all benefit from the effects of exercising and one of the most crucial times to take up or continue an exercise program is when you have a bub.

Obviously, it’s wise to wait enough time after your body has recovered from it’s amazing ordeal to welcome your new little cherub into this world, so never rush back into the grind. But when you do decide to start exercising again, it not only helps your body to physically recover and ‘snap back’ into shape after the past 9 months, but it also has many other amazing benefits for new mums after giving birth.

The recommended time to start back after the delivery of your beautiful baby depends on a few things. Firstly, if you were extremely active before falling pregnant and continued to remain active throughout your pregnancy, chances are you will naturally slide back into a fitness routine not too long after giving birth.

The timing also depends on whether you give birth naturally or have a cecarean. Giving birth naturally, your body will recover a lot sooner and be ready for movement, whereas it can take up to six weeks before reintroducing an exercise routine after a C-section to allow your body to recover.

Apart from the physical benefits, moving your body can help new Mums in a number of ways. It is advised to gain approval from your trusted healthcare professional before you begin exercising again after welcoming your new little bundle, but when you do, the benefits of exercise can be as follows:

  • Helps during the recovery phase after childbirth
  • Increases your energy levels, especially after some new found sleepless nights
  • Speaking of sleep, it can help you sleep better (when you get the chance!)
  • Aids in lowering stress, anxiety, fatigue and tension and can also help to prevent postpartum depression
  • Enables a more positive outlook on self image
  • Increases your strength, flexibility, posture and range of movement, all of which may suffer slightly during the past 9 months. It also helps to gain your core strength back
  • Improves muscle tone, circulation, digestion, mood and better breathing techniques
  • Most importantly, it’s an effective way to bond with Bub.

Being a brand new mum myself, I now understands all the ups and downs of pregnancy. Luckily for me, it was mainly ups and taking fitness sessions at my private fitness studio in Cooroy up until I was 37 weeks along, I feel extremely grateful for the continued activity my body was given throughout my pregnancy.

Along with many varieties on the weekly timetable at E Fitness, I offer Mums & Bubs classes at my studio each week and have done so for the past 4 years. It’s such a fun class that enables mums to get out of the house, bond with their little one, make new mum friends in a comfortable setting, install a positive and healthy impact on Bub from an early age and most importantly, stay active.

I seriously cannot wait to start back teaching classes and training my amazing PT clients as soon as possible with my brand new little sidekick in tow. Here are some safe exercises that I recommend adding to your daily routine after Bub makes their debut.

  • Brisk walking – this is seriously one of the best exercises to do postpartum. It is safe on your joints, you can get your heart rate up, it is gentle on your pelvic floor and its an activity for you and Bub to enjoy together, in the lovely fresh air.
  • Mums & Bubs classes –These classes are a great way to get out of the house, practice socialising with your new baby, meet other Mums, increase your motivation and begin to get your body moving again.
  • Kegel exercises – either with a physiotherapist, or google some basic exercises online. These are extremely important for all new Mums to do (all women, really). So get onto it ladies!
  • Yoga or Pilates – These classes are a great way to ease back into the flow of exercising, and are a great ‘self’ class. If you find yourself with an hour to spare, treat yourself to a class to stress and chill.
  • Personal Training – If you prefer that one on one guidance, try and find a reputable Personal Trainer who can confidently guide you through sessions that focus on safe postpartum exercises, while increasing your fitness levels back to where they were before you fell pregnant. And if they’re really good, they’ll even let you bring bub to your session too.

“A baby is a reason, not an excuse.”

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