Floating Land

Floating Land is an arts and environment festival where a small Noosa community transforms into a creative hotspot.

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Floating Land occurs every two years as a biennial event that has involved artists, musicians, architects, photographers, filmmakers, academics and the community. It is a celebration of arts and the environment and this year, Floating Land is about taking time to reflect and reimagine past iterations and dream about future opportunities.

The highest concentration of artistic activity takes place along the foreshore of the pristine Lake Cootharaba at Boreen Point. This year will mark the eighth Floating Land with the major celebration taking place over the October long weekend from 2 – 5 October, 2015.

The unique thing about Floating Land is the environment in which it is held. The calm shores of Lake Cootharaba and the tiny township of Boreen Point will be transformed into an immersive and artistic experience in a sensitive way that does not impact on the environment, rather becomes part of it and either leaves without a trace or decomposes back into the earth from which it came.

The point of difference in viewing Floating Land artworks, is that they are site-specific works and you will need to focus closely on where you walk as you navigate your way along the lake’s edge. Some works will appear in the water and others in the sand, or maybe even the trees, but each work commanding your attention to stop… look… and ponder what the artist is communicating about our environment.

In the nearby streets, a number of creatives reside within this community and during this year’s Floating Land event, the local artists’ studios will transform into mini galleries that will be open to the public as part of an ‘open studio trail’.

Not only will you see artworks in the environment, you may spot a roving performer, or for early-risers, you can attend a dawn jazz performance on the jetty!

Even though every two years, Floating Land comes with a lot of energy and commitment, it then goes and life in Boreen Point returns to normal. However, the lasting legacy of the event is the ongoing conversations amongst the community and artists, and the iconic images captured that keep it alive.

A full program of Floating Land is available for download at www.noosa.qld.gov.au/floating-landor you can collect a program from council’s libraries and galleries as well as Tourism Noosa outlets.


  • An exhibition of temporal artworks in the environment – featuring local artists from previous Floating Land iterations and a new 2015 Floating Land artist;
  • A seven week retrospective exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery showcasing images from previous Floating Land events and works created as part of a 2015 artist-in-residence program at local schools;
  • A community arts program at Boreen Point;
  • The ‘Re-imagine’ Forum, at The J - exploring the arts in the environment and examining ‘where to next for Floating Land’;
  • Workshops, presentations and activities.

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