Falling in love with fitness

Want to know how to keep your relationship flourishing? Erin Yarwood explores the benefits of getting all hot and sweaty when you work out with your partner.

by @JohnCaruso on Friday, 16 Sep, 2016

Exercising. Being active. Staying fit…. These three pastimes can prove difficult on your own. It can be hard to find the motivation or even muster up the energy to do a workout by yourself, let alone completing a sufficient one. My suggestion is simple: work out with your partner! It’s a great way to keep your fitness levels up as we venture into spring and you can’t deny the competitiveness that naturally blooms when we exercise with our better half!

The gym

Gyms seem to be so segregated sometimes. Guys are often in the weights room lifting weights that are too heavy for them and making rather uncomfortable noises, while the girls are usually keeping it casual on the crosstrainer or smashing out a pump class or some zumba. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new the next time you’re at the gym. And do it together. You may have a giggle every now and then, and feel a bit out of place (when you are the only guy in your yoga class) but that’s what working out is all about. Don’t take it too seriously.

The park

Head to your local park with your partner for a jog, find out who can do the most chin-ups on the park equipment or see who can somersault down the hill the fastest. Nothing beats being out in the fresh air. When you’ve become too dizzy and it’s time to pull the sticks out of your hair, reward yourselves at the end with a healthy and relaxing picnic treat to enjoy as you lower your heart rate.

The beach

Sand between your toes. Salt water spraying your face. The sun kissing your skin. The beach is a romantic place. Head there early to start your day off on the right foot, and mix it up a little. A spontaneous running race (tackling is optional) through the soft sand or the shallow water is not only a fairly tough thing to do, but it makes you laugh and feel like a kid again. Finish up with a water fight in the waves, you’ll be on a high for the rest of the day.

The sporting scene

These days there are so many mixed sports to choose from, so why not sign up for a season together. Touch football, netball, futsal and outrigging are a few that come to mind when thinking of sporting it up together in the Noosa area.

Partner exercises you can do at home.

Apart from the obvious exercise you do with your partner at home, there are some other fun ways you can work out together too!

Partner Pushups

Facing each other in a pushup position (not too close that you’ll butt heads) do one pushup and when you come up clap your left hands together (high five!) then do another pushup and this time clap your right hands. Repeat this and see who lasts the longest!
Remember: focus on form, keep your core locked and relax your neck.

Partner Sit-ups

I’m not a huge fan of sit-ups, but partner sit-ups are fun! Start lying down with either your both feet almost touching or you can hook your ankles to make it a little easier.
Keeping with the high five teamwork option, as you come up for your sit-up clap hands before controlling back to the ground, completing around 10 sit-ups before having a little rest. Ensure you don’t strain through your lower back, keep your core locked and focus on your posture each time you are up in the seated position.

Partner Squat Jumps

This can be made quite competitive by seeing who can jump the highest. Or mix it up by one person holding a squat, while the other does a squat jump. And vice versa. Always keep your knees behind your toes, jump from a squat and land (softly) into the squat. Challenge the depth while ensuring the knees feel good.

Partner Planks

Holding a plank on your hands facing each other (again, not too close to hit heads) both reach your left hand out to touch your partners right shoulder. Hold for 3 seconds. Then repeat on the other side. A great core workout! Keep your belly button locked in, and challenge yourselves to keep your hips level. Aim for 10 or so.

Partner Wall Sit

Just like your typical wall sit, but using each others backs as the ‘wall’. See how long, and how low, you can hold it! Obviously, if there is an extreme height difference between you both, things could get tricky. But it’s worth a shot! Keep a right angle behind your knees, keep the weight even through both feet, keep enough pressure on each others back and try not to fall over!!!
Good luck!

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