Embracing change

Katrina Thorpe examines how to use the change in season to keep the summer glow as we head into the cooler months.

by @KatrinaThorpe on Monday, 07 Mar, 2016

As summer turns into autumn we are surrounded by the change of the season in nature and intuitively within us. Research on the subject of season change and how it affects us has associated the coming of winter with a clinical form of depression called seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. According to Kelly Rohan, PhD Professor and Director of Clinical Training at the University of Vermont, at least two percent of the population suffers from this condition.

Many people suffer a sense of unrest during the change of season especially if you live in a place that has noticeable seasonal changes with the days growing cooler, shorter and darker. Trees lose their leaves and flowers die, leaving a bleaker environment which can all contribute to having a negative effect on our equilibrium and moods.

In Noosa we don’t have a noticeable change to the seasons as we slip into autumn with less humidity and only a few degrees drop in temperature. Even though our environment stays relatively the same, we still sense the change in ourselves and just as food changes with the seasons, so do we.

While we don’t have the colours of autumn leaves in Noosa we welcome autumn temperatures with warm days, cool evenings and we celebrate the Noosa Festival of Surfing that brings an age old tradition and cool vibe to our town.

If you’re sad to see summer make way for autumn, here are a few ideas to lift your mood with some simple ways to keep you upbeat, cosy, healthy and happy until spring.

  • Colour up!
  • Nurture yourself
  • Face it

Add some warm colour to your life to lift the mood and give that comfy feel to your home, office or wardrobe – colour therapy has proven to be effective for some people, so why not try it for yourself. Shades of orange are warm, welcoming and happy colours encouraging feelings of connection and being cosy. A splash of yellow promotes a feeling of brightness, upbeat attitude and mental clarity and is said to help lift depression. Go green to get the grounded, pleasing feel of contentment and the positive effect of a green hue to invoke renewal, balance and refreshment as well as giving you a calming influence.

Nurture yourself and loved ones with some time together for a massage to rebalance and destress or blend some autumn woody essential oils like cinnamon, sandalwood (both great oils for helping to lift the mood and calm stress) and add a little sweet orange essential oil. Pop the essential oils in a base oil for the perfect warming blend to massage each other at home or add the woody aroma to your diffuser or oil burner to give your home or office a calming, warm and uplifting vibe.

A relaxing facial can help you feel refreshed and ready to face the cooler weather. Facial masks are making a big comeback with everything from organic hydrating clays to double action cosmeceutical masks to give hydration and resurfacing while you sleep.

You can also update your make up – Jane Iredale natural mineral makeup have released non-toxic lip crayons to add moisture and a pop of colour this season with shades of orange, coral, red and soft pinks.

Sun protection is still an important year-round must have, must-use and if you hate the feel of the thick zinc try some of the natural lighter products in the form of 100% natural mineral makeup which gives you protection as well as added colour. Some products like BB cream give you moisturiser as well in one product. Make sure it has a decent SPF and is from a day spa or salon where you can get advice on the right colour and how to use the product correctly.

Embrace the changes this autumn to avoid the winter blues.

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