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There’s an abundance of European styling and performance with two new vehicles that we’re sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of on local roads.

by @JohnCaruso on Tuesday, 29 Nov, 2016

Renault Megane GT

Angela Purchase (professional make-up artist)

I’m on the road a lot and this vehicle suits me perfectly.

The first thing, in a long list of, cool features about the Renault Megane GT is the automatic "walk away" locking which means that you can lock or unlock the vehicle and even start the car without having to take the key out of your handbag.

And just how good is this parallel park I made? There are special sensors that measure the parking space and guide the car in without me needing to touch the wheel. All I had to do was work the pedals.

Four-wheel steering lets the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds which means squeezing into parks is a dream.

There’s a degree of comfort and safety features in this vehicle that I’ve never experienced in cars that I’ve driven or owned in the past. For example, the push button parking break is new to me and much more functional than the old pull up lever next to the driver’s seat and ample room in the huge deep boot means there’s room for all my makeup kits.

When you sit in the driver’s seat you can select from five different driving modes with each setting pre-adjusted to deliver a unique driving experience and there’s an option to create your own custom driving profile where you can adjust the engine response and tone and even the lighting and display combinations inside the cabin.

As far as performance goes, it’s real punchy when you take off if you utilise the launch control function and there’s an assurance and confidence when breaking that when I drive it along the highway I feel safe with all these bells and whistles. There’s sensors around the entire car, not just the reversing sensors

Finally, I love the small touches of class that make this vehicle a real pleasure to drive. Things like the hi-definition seven-inch touchscreen on the dash and the nice big alloy rims (18 inch Magny Cours) that contribute to the overall styling.


1.6L GT 205 engine

4CONTROL Four wheel steering system

MULTI-SENSE Personalised driver modes and ambience

R.S. Drive mode with Launch Control

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