2018 Subaru XV 2.0i-L

Johnny West,boom shankar general manager, road tests the all new Subaru XV 2.0i-L

on Sunday, 10 Dec,2017

“I had never driven a KIA before this and was impressed by the quality of the interior and the smooth handling of the drive. A Gran Turismo at heart, the KIA Stinger comes complete with rear wheel drive, luxury inclusions and head-turning design. This is a high-performance sports sedan for the car enthusiast and the family alike.

It was packed full of cool gadgets that took me by surprise. The heads-up speed display was great as well as the speed zone change reminder - pretty awesome for a lead foot like myself. Hailing from a small country ski town in the mountains of Colorado, my first car was an old but sturdy 1978 Chevrolet and I’ve since driven pick-up trucks but driving the KIA was a super fun experience. I really like the cool features and gadgets; suspension controls, shifting options, a good sound system and of course, what’s under the hood.

I was really pleased with the get up and go when putting the throttle down. It really took off hard and held nicely to the road. It’s a super fun drive! The KIA Stinger is so versatile and with plenty of room in the back seats, it could cover anyone’s driving needs. No doubt it would make a classy around-town, daily-driver but it also drives a treat on the highway.

The standout feature for me was just how overall impressive the KIA Stinger is. It looks and feels like a European brand, the cockpit and interior feel, coupled with its driver-friendly handling, makes this a quality vehicle. It’s a great daily-driver and will be equally fun and comfortable out on the highway.

The KIA Stinger also packs a punch when it comes to safety.

A 360-degree camera view with three wide-angle images makes parking a breeze. The autonomous emergency braking system and forward collision waring system is amazing, using radar and camera data to sense the potential for a collision with a pedestrian, car or object ahead before applying emergency braking to avoid the collision or reduce the impact.”

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