Editor's Note

It seem winter has finally arrived, although we never know how long for. A few chilly nights is all it takes for us to be reaching for the blankets and the beanie and locking ourselves indoors!

It is actually the best time to be out and about on the street, embracing the fresh air, defrosting in the sun and indulging in the winter comfort food that is so lovingly prepared by our local restauratns.

The hinterland is stunning and while it may seem too cold dip in the ocean, our story on ocean therapy may provide some inspiration! Otherwise, just snuggle up, indulge in retail therapy or pampering treatments and wait for the chill to pass.

We are thrilled to be delivering our 4th edition and have loved the feedback we receive from readers and advertisers. We would like to acknowledge the local businesses that have supported us on this journey. Please support them in turn - they are the fabric of our community and key contributors to our economic wellbeing. #lovelocal


Deb Caruso


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